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Children’s Dental Care at HealthPoint Dental

The team at HealthPoint Dental provides the dental care that every member of your family needs. Offering children’s dentistry is not the same as paediatric dentistry. We have the specific training to feature paediatric dentistry as one of our many available solutions. With a unique understanding of children’s needs, we have the skills to handle even children who might have behavioural problems.

Why Children Need Dental Care

Doctor sitting with child in waiting roomIt’s a common misconception that kids don’t need to see the dentist until they’re older. In fact, you should have your child in for their first checkup shortly after their teeth erupt. By starting early, we can prevent the dental decay that is so common in younger patients. We can teach them about the dietary habits and hygiene routines that stop decay and other dental diseases from setting in.

They’ll learn the proper toothbrushing and flossing techniques, detailed in terms they understand by a member of our team. Your child will have the knowledge to take control of their oral health rather than leaving it entirely up to Mum and Dad.

What a Paediatric Dentist Does

Our paediatric dentist has completed a postgraduate course in the area of paediatric dentistry. They can provide the comprehensive care your child needs. The specific knowledge that a paediatric dentist has includes:

  • The growth and psychological development of a child from birth to adulthood
  • The cause of and treatment for all oral diseases and dental injuries
  • How a child’s nature, temperament, background, school and family environment impact their oral health
  • How childhood illnesses or disability impact oral health
  • The existing research, evidence-based treatment and best practice guidelines in children’s oral health

Working With Behavioural Challenges

Does your child get anxious about dental care? Have they been diagnosed with ADHD or autism? You might feel concerned about their ability to complete dental treatment. We are trained to work with your child. We can even co-manage their case with their allied health professional, teacher or child care worker.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

We bulk bill for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This Medicare programme allows eligible children to receive $1000 in basic dental treatment every two years. Services such as cosmetic dentistry aren’t covered, but you’ll find that nearly all of your child’s needs can be met under this programme. Are you wondering if your child can take advantage of this benefit? Contact out friendly team today!

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