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Teeth Whitening at HealthPoint Dental

Woman with beautiful, white smile wearing yellow shirtThe team at HealthPoint Dental provides an array of solutions to help you achieve a smile that you’re proud of. Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular option around the world. In a single appointment, you can whiten your smile with up to eight shades with the Philips Zoom whitening system. Alternatively, you can choose to do your whitening in the evenings from the convenience of your home.

Why Choose Zoom Whitening?

The Philips Zoom whitening system isn’t like other whitening systems on the market today. It’s set apart by proven results, minimised sensitivity and the option of completing the procedure in-chair or at home.

You’ll be kept comfortable during your entire appointment. You can sit back, choose a programme to watch on television from our luxurious dental chair and be done with your whitening on your lunch break!

In-Chair Whitening

If you want the best possible results, we recommend that you have your whitening procedure completed in our clinic. During a 45-minute appointment, we’ll complete the following:

  • Prepare your mouth for whitening and apply the professional-strength gel
  • Apply the WhiteSpeed blue LED light to teeth, accelerating the whitening
  • The process is repeated three times
  • A post-treatment gel is applied to protect the teeth enamel and reduce your chance of sensitivity

At-Home Whitening

If you find it difficult to get in for an appointment, a take-home whitening kit can give you brilliant results. We’ll custom-create trays for you, then provide you with the trays, whitening gel and complete instructions on how to complete your whitening. You’ll apply the gel to your trays, then wear them for a set amount of time over a number of days.

We’ll go over the full instructions with you when you pick up your kit so that you know exactly how to proceed. You’ll be in control, meaning you can stop your whitening when you think that you’ve reached your desired shade. Please note that your at-home whitening kit likely won’t get the dynamic results that our in-chair whitening does. If you choose in-chair, we can use professional-grade whitening gel, which gives superior results.

Discover Your Most Brilliant Look

A bright smile makes an incredible first impression. Would you like to learn more about getting a look that you feel proud to have? Contact our friendly team today to schedule your appointment or learn more about teeth whitening Liverpool! We work with Zip Pay and DentiCare to arrange flexible payment plans.

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